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for cash. we headed -- we left the city and headed south towards family in pennsylvania. we were finally let back into salem and our home was destroyed. or a man in the bronx who wants $60,000 to repair his business. there is simply no way to determine if any of these pleas or people are real. and before you think no one would send donation to see blind sites or unknown charities, think again. >> most people respond to charities because they are asked by a letter. >> reporter: art taylor, who heads the better business bureau's alliance, and is following our reporting on bad charities, says 70% of americans who give money donate that money without ever checking to find out where it's going. >> we welcome the public scrutiny that is coming to this. we welcome, you know, the media for getting involved in this because if you don't, i worry that things are going to get worse. people are going to continue to be duped by, you know, unscrupulous claims. >> reporter: which leads us to the real victims of charity scams, the people who really need charity. like these people lined up at the bethel a
being taken away. with us now is new york city councilman elect george sanders. he calls the power failure, the lipa failure, in his words a powder keg. you met with lipa officials today. they said some people on long island may not have power until christmas? is that true? >> when i raised the question to the man and said, how soon will everyone have power, they wouldn't give me an answer, and i said, well, can we say november? can we say december? how about christmas? at that point they said, it is possible. >> what do you make of this? i mean, i know you called for the president of lipa to resign if power isn't restored by monday, but you also said the buck stops with governor cuomo since he appoints lipa board members. who should be held accountable here? >> the first people held accountable should be lipa. lipa has the responsibility to make sure this area has been powered. that responsibility is a dismal failure. what hasn't been mentioned is some people are freezing out here, and we are absolutely -- there are people who are dying thanks to this cold. and we can't -- as an e
city gas stations are open. that's not all. a week and a half since sandy, a day after a bad nor'easter, an awful lot of people, especially in new york and new jersey, still without power. 666,000 customers. that's actually up from yesterday, thanks to the nor'easter. people are cold, they're living in dark, damaged houses. they say they're getting the run-around from state and federal agencies and utility companies. listen to this woman who lives in staten island. >> where is the generator to heat, to plug in one heater and one light bulb? that i can survive? i'm a united states citizen. >> she's angry at con-ed and fema. fema says it has 15 relief centers across new york city but hopes to double that number by the weekend and have 50 centers up and running eventually. as for the power company in this case con-ed, there's a catch 22. they won't turn on the power until homeowners get their houses inspected for potentially lethal wiring damage but electricians are hard to come by and the company isn't providing any. a company spokesman saying quote, utility companies like con edis
documents that were still marked as classified. this is a city that's awash with those types of documents. documents that are still marked secret, although people pretty much understand they're not. well, if they're still marked secret they fall under these laws. so we're still left with that question. as someone that's in the practice in the field, i'll tell you that this is a troubling field because it's inconsistently applied. you often see the government coming down very heavily against journalists, whistleblowers, but then when someone like sandy berger, former national security advisor actually hit documents in his socks and took them out of a secure location, he ended up with just a simple misdemeanor so it's a very inconsistent field in terms of its applications. >> bob, one of the things i don't get is jill kelley, who this person is. on that 911 call, she's describing herself as an honorary general counsel. she has connections to all these generals who are e-mailing her thousands of pages of e-mails, and you know, she throws a party that general petraeus goes to, now she's got
new york city mayor rudy giuliani. thank you for joining us. looking at last night's exit poll results, do you think it's clear that your party has a big problem on its hands reaching out to hispanic americans, for instance? >> sure. >> hiss pabic votes decreasing. what do you do about that? >> agree we have a big problem reaching out to hispanic vote. what was it, 25%? i ran from new york, and each time i ran i got a higher percentage of latino vote. i think that president bush had us up to 44% nationally. since then, we've been declining. i think land say graham would agree, we have to get over this immigration reform hurdle. and president bush was on the right track with comprehensive immigration reform. if we passed that, we would be a party that probably had a 40% 45% hispanic base. >> how do you sell the message to the fringe of your party? that's not a message they want to hear. >> i think that's one of the things mitt romney could accomplish. a new president, probably could have gotten 100, 150 republican votes, comprehensive immigration reforms, which means to the hispanic com
to learn that a new york city hotline alerted people they could find shelter at st. john's. >> he has this whole hospital area in his own house. >> reporter: one of those was jose martinez, who uses a ventilator to keep him breathing, and who had to be evacuated after the storm hit. how quickly did you realize you were in serious trouble? >> well, we didn't realize it until my wife went to the basement. she was folding some clothes in the undry. all of a sudden she heard water dripping. so she looked around to see where it was coming from. she found out it was coming from the window, through the window. >> reporter: more than 1,300 people work at st. john's. a number of them live in hard-hit areas and lost their homes. like the hospital's chaplain, they, too, pray for a miracle. before this crisis, we were nip and tuck, shall we say, in terms of our finances, just getting by and there really won't be a way for us to survive this unless there are some gracious angels and the federal government and state government come up with a different formula for reimbursement. >> the government wa
is being hit by another storm. today heavy rain and snow for the jersey shore. cities across north and new jersey. 3500 customers still without power. it is dark and they are cold. meteorologist rob marciano joins me tonight. how bad is it? >> you can see the snow coming down. it is cold enough for snow. we are a couple of hundred yards from the ocean where this time duri during sandy the water was up and over my shoulder. now it is covered with snow. the kids were out here making light of it. but inside this home are the cammarettas they have light because they are plugged into our truck right now. >> i went through the most pain that i ever went through in my life from being electrocuted trying to get back into my house watching my family almost dying. you can't sleep when you are living in a house with propane. >> this has been a week from hell. i mean, you know, i'm grateful that i have my family. i could have lost three of them and my husband out there to the water coming up so fast. >> your heart goes out to these people. it has been over a week now and they are beaten down and now t
up to five feet in some places. 70% of the city was flooded in tuscany, 9 inches of rain fell in just four hours. wow. anderson? >> isha, thanks. >>> next, a special veterans day tribute to world war ii veterans. eóoç=Ñp ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. >>> veterans day was yesterday, the 11th day of the 11th month. because veteran's day was sunday it's officially observed today. we have a great story to mark the holiday. it's about a veteran, harold van heuvland. he's a veteran of world war ii, who is 93 years old today. towards the end of the war, he composed a symphony but put it away. his son found it, sent it to congress and after all these years, it is finally being performed. >> now we will perform for you the world premiere of the van huevlin symphony number 1. ♪ >> in 1945, i was stationed in new orleans, louisiana at the new orleans army air base and i was an instructor. a piece in europe had already been written in april of that
new york city. a nanny accused of killing two children, stabbed to death in the bathtub in the manhattan apartment. that nanny has been indicted, and the charges when we continue. >>> i'm susan hendricks with a "360" bulletin. according to reports, former gop presidential nominee mitt romney is blaming his loss on election day to president obama's so-called gifts to minorities and young voters. now, according to "the new york times," romney told donors at a conference call that president obama was "very generous in what they gave to those groups, policies that appealed to them." >>> a grand jury has indicted new york nanny yoselyn ortega in the deaths of two children, ages 6 and 2. the children's mother found them stabbed to death in the bathroom and saw the nanny stab herself with a kitchen knife. ortega is in the hospital and under police watch. >>> and skype is investigating a security flaw that let anyone change a user's password to get control of the account. now, skype says they have fixed the flaw, but a small number of users may have been affected. anderson. >> s
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)